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Proper Spending Habits will Protect Your Credit Card Health

When we bag our groceries, we are encouraged to choose paper over plastic, in the effort to protect our environment. We suggest you do the same when protecting your credit card health: choose paper, not plastic. Banks make their money from plastic. Every time you as a consumer use your credit card instead of cash, […]

When Do Interest Rates Vary?

You probably see credit card offers all over the place. They’re in the mail box, in your email, on TV, and on the web. Every one of them boasts about the great interest rate they’re offering, and the temptation to click and apply or fill out a form is great, especially when you need some […]

What Is Your Lucky Number?

We may play the date of our wedding anniversary in the lottery, remember that magnificent eighteenth birthday when we got to drive our father’s car for the first time, and long to lose that extra ten pounds, but the number that most impacts our life – both in what we decide and in what others […]