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Credit Score – 4 Reasons It Matters During Retirement

You’ve reached your retirement years. Congratulations are in order. What’s more, you might have enough money to live on thanks to some combination of savings, investments, a pension and Social Security payments. On top of that, you might not be planning to make any major investment, such as a new home, in the future. So who […]

Avoid the Student Loan Abyss

Learn How to Manage Your Loans Now Perhaps the best piece of advice anyone could give to their former-self is to manage student debt better from the start. Student loans are hard to avoid all together, but there are plenty of ways to reduce the amount of debt you’ll eventually owe. Whether you’re planning for […]

4 Types of Credit and How They Impact Your Credit Score

We’ve all been there: butterflies in our stomachs, sitting at that desk, waiting for the fast-talking guy to come back and tell us whether or not we’re approved for a loan. Having good credit is important in today’s society, as our homes, the vehicles we drive and many other aspects of daily life are dependent […]