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Uncovering the Mystery that is Your Credit Report

A credit report can either be the key to or road block to getting access to credit. Whether you’re looking to take a trip or purchase a home, your credit history plays a big role in how much you can borrow at what rate. While most of us are aware of how important good credit […]

How to Read Your Credit Report

Credit reports are scary and confusing to say the least. Once you’ve made the commitment to review your report, you may or may not understand everything in it. However, it’s critical you understand your report so that you can make educated decisions regarding your finances. Below are the items you will find in your report […]

Your Credit Report: What You Need to Know

Have you seen your credit report lately? Most likely not. According to a recent Google Consumer Survey conducted by TransUnion, nearly 33 percent of Americans surveyed said they have never checked their credit report or credit score. Knowing your credit score and understanding all of the information in your credit report is essential for you to […]