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“No Reason” Is No Excuse

Looking at your credit report is a bit like being in an episode of CSI. You’ll need to carefully pick apart the scene of the credit crime looking for the right clues. “No reason” really means “I don’t know” when it comes to credit score drops, and it usually takes nothing more than a little […]

Managing Your Credit to Protect Your Credit Score

The responsible use of any kind of line of credit, whether it is home equity or credit card, can have a tremendous affect on your overall credit score. High balances and late payments can sink your score fast. If you’re going to have a balance on your card, you want it to be 30 percent […]

Handling Credit

A line of credit can be a valuable tool for a consumer, but only if it’s used responsibly. It can also be a trap that is very difficult to escape. Your new credit card may have a $5,000.00 limit, but should you go out right away and buy $5,000.00 worth of home theater equipment? If […]