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6 Signs Your Budget Needs a Restart

Your personal budget is like a relationship. It should be a source of comfort and strength. Like a significant other, it should grow with you and help you realize your goals. Of course, like many relationships, some budgets just don’t work out. They become unreliable, and they lead to stress and heartache. Here are some […]

4 Ways Not to Crash Your Weekend Budget

You should never feel guilty about having fun on the weekends. When you see a movie, go to a ball game, dance or enjoy any fun activity, you reduce your negative stress levels. By doing so, you return to work or school on Monday feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You’re then ready to focus throughout the […]

5 Healthy Financial Habits to Teach Your Kids

When you teach your children about money, you teach them all sorts of valuable life lessons. You educate them about patience, thriftiness, long-term planning, generosity and more. You might consider the habits below as you’re deciding what to tell your kids about money. By internalizing these behaviors, a child can grow into a financially responsible […]